Safe Operating Procedures (SOP)

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09/05/22: Please use the following link to the Post National Framework page for all up to date guidance following the exit of the National Framework

This guidance outlines the use Safe Operating Procedures when working under COVID-19 conditions.


Standard Operating Procedures Version 8

1Use of PPE Room Visits COVID-19
4CPR Response
6Escorts and Bedwatches
7Cleaning cells Suspected COVID-19
8Use of Vehicle Cleaning Decon of vehicles
9Operational Tasks Covid-19
10NTRG Use of Force
12Official Visits Covid-19
14Interviews 1-1
15POELT Delivery
16Social Visits
17UoF Training
18Dental Alarm Bell Response
19CPAP use in a Room
20Kitchen Serveries
21Prisoners Essential Work FRSM
22Operational Training 
23Stage 1

Additional Health and Safety Guidance:

National Corporate Risk Assessment for the Management of Operations during COVID-19

HMPPS have existing Health and Safety Risk Assessments (RA) for tasks and work processes within the organisation where the need for a RA has been identified. The purpose of this RA is to record COVID-19 as a new hazard and to acknowledge the associated risks and control measures required to keep people as safe as reasonably practicable in the workplace. This will be updated on a regular basis.

Update 04/01/22 – The National COVID-19 Risk Assessment has been reviewed to acknowledge the implementation of daily mandatory testing for staff in Prisons and Probation.

COVID-19 Workplace Risk Assessment

12 replies on “Safe Operating Procedures (SOP)”

SOP List details:

V1.5 HMPPS Cleaning and Infection Control COVID-19.

However I cannot seem to find this document. Could it please be uploaded or could someone point me in to the right direction as to its whereabouts.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Kieran,

Thanks for getting in touch. It would appear that, as it is not formatted the same as the other SOPs, it has ben ocated in the Cleaning section of the platform (link here).

I will speak with H&S colleagues to make sure it is in the correct place.

If you need anything else, please let us know.



Barbering and Hairdressing: I am informed that in the community there is now a requirement for the person having a haircut to wear a mask. Is there any update of the prison guidance document required?
Thank you

Hi Trevor,

thanks for getting in touch. I have forwarded your query onto our Health and Safety team. If there are any changes to be made, we will update the information accordingly.



Hello, the guidance on Barbers and Hairdressing refers to salons and workshops not being permissible at this time, with arrangements to use prisoners cutting each others hair as an interim measure. In my establishment a hairdresser from the community comes in and cuts hair on the wings which is outside of the circumstances referred to in the guidance, would this be permissible?

Hi Jackie,

Thank you for getting in touch. We have guidance for External Visitors (which can be found in the Services A-Z) which gives guidance on receiving partnership staff into the prison again. The work would need to be risk assessed anD included within the relevent Local Operating Procedure as part of your RRMP. At present, any changes to your existing RRMP should be put through the PGD and Gold for consideration although we are working on a streamlined approach to this process moving forwards.

Hopefully this helps? Please let us know if you need anything further.



Hello Mike
can you let me know whether there is any guidance on time in the open air for prisoners who are symptomatic, positive and track and trace?

Hi Chris,

The expectation is that we continue to deliver at least the minimum daily requirements for time in the open air as governed by PSI 75/2011 Residential services for all prisoners, including those who are symptomatic/positive etc. If you have any further queries on this, please feeel free to get in contact with me via our functional mailbox (COVID19.Regimes& and I will do my best to assist.


Sian Blake

Following update to v6.2 (Feb 21) – ‘SOP List’ still shows V6 and does not include SOP 20 – Kitchens & Servieries.

Thanks for flagging Stephen, the SOP list is currently being updated to include this.

Best wishes,

Sian Blake

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